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Now, therefore, with careful thought and due consideration, paying attention neither to the usefulness nor to the reputation of any arts or sciences, but to that faculty of our souls, if such there be, which by its nature loves the truth and does all things for the sake of the truth, let us examine this faculty...
(Plato, Philebos 58D)

Life seems to belong even to plants, but we are seeking what is peculiar to man. Let us exclude, therefore, the life of nutrition and growth. Next there would be a life of perception, but this also seems to be shared even by the horse, the ox, and every animal. There remains, then, the active life of the element that has a rational principle. (...) The function of man is a certain kind of life, which is an activity or actions of the soul implying a rational principle, and the function of a good man is the good and noble performance of these...
(Aristotle, Nicomachean Ethics I,7)

'Omilos Meleton' is an Institute for various studies founded in 1976 and managed by a Fellowship. Its primary interest is Philosophy, focusing on Platonism, Vedanta and related systems of thought like Christian and Buddhist ethics.

It has also courses such as Sanskrit, Comparative Mythology and Political Economy. The Institute is privately funded but occasionally receives Government grants. It provides further education mainly for interested adults but has run also a kindergarden.

Economic Principles in the Vedic Tradition by N. Kazanas has been published in 1992 by Aditya Prakashan. The paper deals with economic principles as found in the more ancient sources of the Vedic period in so far as this is possible... See More

'Archaic Greece and the Veda' by N. Kazanas
This paper examines many parallels in the archaic Greek culture and the Vedic one. These are themes, poetic techniques, motifs and ideas in literature, mythology.... See More

'The Collapse of the AIT and the prevalence of Indigenism' by N. Kazanas

This essay The Collapse of the AIT and the prevalence of Indigenism: archaeological, genetic, linguistic and literary evidences by N. Kazanas refutes the theory.... See More

'Vedic and Avestan' by N. Kazanas
In this essay the author examines independent linguistic evidence, often provided by iranianists like R. Beekes, and arrives at the conclusion that the Avesta... See More

'Rigvedic all-inclusiveness' by N. Kazanas
The Rigveda contains and seems to preserve more common elements from the Proto-Indo-European Culture than any other branch of the family... See More

On Sarasvati
Here is Prof K.S. Valdiya's response to the comments made in 'In Indus Times, the River didn't Run Through It' by Lawler, Science 1 April 2011... See More
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